I used to photograph professionally from the late 1970s over two decades in the music business. I reactivated my photography for business in 2014. Gear (2017): Sony SLT-A99V, Sony A7RIII, Sony RX10III, Sony QX1, various lenses from 8mm to 600mm (Sony, Zeiss, Minolta, SIGMA) and several Vintage lenses (Meyer Optik Görlitz a.o.), Lighting: Jinbei HD600v Porty Mobile Studioflash, Jinbei DM2-400 Studioflash, Softbox Octagon 70 cm, Speedbox 30cm, Schirm weiss 100cm, Beauty Dish 50cm, 2 x Softbox 120x80cm, 2 x Walimex Pro Octagon LED-Daylight, various reflectors